Aqua Marketing Manager(ID1570)
3 Sep 2018

Aqua Marketing Manager(ID1570)


Industry Sector




 Review and support regional marketing strategies through information collection on industry, customers and competitors, trend analysis and marketand competition research, and update the internal and external market information data on a regular basis.
 Cooperate with regional leadership team to complete annual business plan (gross sales / gross profit rate). Make clear the development plan of new product and solution in the annual plan and the annual market activity plan, formulate the capacity development plan of the sales team and the market team, and participate in the setting of personnel training and assessment system.
 Quarter and monthly business progress summary analysis and sharing and assist business director to clearly define regional marketing strategies.
 Product competitiveness management: positioning and pricing of new and old products and product lines, tracking and adjusting product lifecycle.
 Work closely with technical manager to dig deep customer needs, timely feedback market voice, optimize and adjust product strategy in time.
 Collaborate with the technical service team to develop product and service processes, complete development, training, promotion, and track the whole process.
 Organize and carry out regional campaigns and other market activities, and track and analyze the progress of the campaign.
 Participate in and follow up the tactical development projects such as sales process, sales tools, sales and service system, and regularly summarize and share them.
 Organize regional and national resources, implement classroom and on-the-spot training of regional sales and marketing departments, and other relevant training
 sales tactics case summary and monthly sharing and create opportunities for cooperation and communication among teams
 Participate in product brand promotion and construction, all kinds of offline activities
 Clear brand positioning, assist the sales team, carry out brand related training and ensure the clear and accurate delivery of brand value to customers, and strengthen the influence of brand customers.


 animal nutrition major or management and marketing major
 3 years or more of marketing or related work experience in industry / academic work.
 Showing a sense of customer orientation and behavior at work.
 a spirit of challenge and innovation in work
 Strong communication, presentation and leadership skills.
 Fluency in English communication, reading and writing
 Have deep understanding and knowledge background for aquaculture industry.
 Proficiency in the use of common office software (Excel, word, PPT)
 Strong logical analysis ability
 accept frequent business trips

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