Applied Meats Supervisor (ID: 1900)
6 Feb 2020

Applied Meats Supervisor (ID: 1900)


Industry Sector




▪ Management of meats-related research projects including design, data collection and
analysis of data from company trials and from collaborative research projects.
▪ Evaluation of company products performance related to carcass value and meat quality in
China market base on local benchmark data, trails and survey etc.
▪ Support and assist Sales Teams by collecting meat science/farm-to consumer-economic
data to enhance company price-to-value strategy.
▪ Collection of information on the China “downstream” Pork Chain for contribution to
company genetic line development and business growth focused on value-added food
companies and niche market players.
▪ Forecast China Pork Chain Market Trends and produce detailed reports pertaining to
product/program research and implementation.
▪ Serve as a resource for customers in all areas including carcass grading, quality definition,
measurement, food safety, and other technical services as dictated by company business
development strategy.
▪ Remain current in the area of responsibility through establishing a network of industry &
academic contacts, studying literature and attending scientific/industry meetings.
▪ Hold company confidential all product and program proprietary knowledge.


▪ Domestic and International travel required.
▪ Ph.D in Meat Science or Food Science.
▪ Proficient speaking and writing skills in both Chinese and English.
▪ Knowledge of the technology and economics of pork production as it relates to the Pork
Supply Chain including meat and meat products manufacturing and commercial value.
▪ Knowledge of experimental design and statistical data analysis.
▪ Knowledge of all aspects of meat/food science including pork carcass composition, protein
chemistry, pork processing and product development, food safety, and the influence of
growth and development, genetics, nutrition and other environmental factors.
▪ Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate at various levels of knowledge.
▪ Strong Presentation Skills.

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