Commercial Lead-Monogastric(ID1743)
3 Apr 2019

Commercial Lead-Monogastric(ID1743)


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  • Sales growth; Accomplished by effective leadership of assigned sales team including but not limited to:
    – Building an effective sales strategy;
    – Executing an effective plan for sales growth by region, sub-region and province.
    – Developing and creating a team culture.
  • Ability to work within and across teams in the monogastric business unit by:
    – Effective communication within the sales team, as well as across the team in cooperation with the Key Account team, technical services team, and the product manager.
    – Effective coordination and communication with the BU lead.
  • Fair and objective leadership demonstrated by:
    – Decisions and actions are done in a fair and objective way with the interests of the team being placed as a priority above any individual sales person or personal interest.
    – Members of the sales team, technical service department, product management and other internal and external stakeholders view the commercial lead’s leadership as fair and objective.


  • Bachelor or Master degree or above, major in feed processing, marketing, animal science, animal medicine, animal nutrition and other related disciplines.
  • Eight years and above sales management experience or marketing experience.
  • Farm/Feedmil key post operation skills, data analysis skills, empirical skills.
  • Communication skills / conflict management capability / performance management capability/Stackholder management skills.
  • Excellent insights in product, market and customers with strategic thinking.

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