Production Trainer(ID:1934)
27 Mar 2020

Production Trainer(ID:1934)


Industry Sector




  1. Classroom theory training and work with staff on site practical production training.
  2. Administer all training activities and efforts at the farm level.
  3. Assess training needs for new and existing employees.
  4. Identify internal and external training programs to address competency gaps.
  5. Organize, develop or source training programs to meet specific training needs.
  6. Refine/update/develop all training aids such as manuals, handbooks, SOPs.
  7. Inform employees about training options and map out training plans for individual employees.
  8. Present training programs using recognized training techniques and tools.
  9. Facilitate learning through a variety of delivery methods including classroom instruction,computer-based training, on-the-job coaching.
  10. Design and apply assessment tools to measure training effectiveness.
  11. Track and report on training outcomes.
  12. Provide feedback to program participants and management.
  13. Evaluate and make recommendations on training material and methodology.
  14. Maintain employee training records.
  15. Handle logistics for training activities including venues and equipment.
  16. Establish and maintain relationships with external training suppliers.
  17. Coordinate on/off-site training activities for employees.
  18. Keep improvement on training design and methodology.
  19. Performing other responsibilities as needed.

















  1. Education: Bachelor’s and master’s degree in a related field.
  2. Strong production theoretical and practical knowledge
  3. A minimum 3 years working experience in the farm.
  4. At minimum 1 year of training/ supervisor background.
  5. Domestic Travel Required.
  6. Able to speak and write in English is a plus.
  7. Experience with instruction or training, knowledge of adult instructional and learning theory and principles, training methodologies, learning management systems, and competency assessment.
  8. Professional experience in all farm department (GTC, breeding and gestation,farrowing, nursery, finishing, on/off test and selection, farm management & pig production management software).
  9. Special Skills: Self-motivator, planning and organizing, data gathering and analysis,problem analysis and problem solving, presentation skills, facilitation skills, coaching skills, adaptable, team player.
  10. Communication Skills: Presentation, facilitation and coaching skills with all levels of management and hourly.
  11. Computer Skills: Proficient in Microsoft Office to include Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.
  12. Must have excellent interpersonal skills to effectively communicate with Team Members at all levels in the organization.









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