Sales Manager-Jiangxi(ID:1987)
28 Jun 2020

Sales Manager-Jiangxi(ID:1987)


Industry Sector




  • Achieve the sales objective.
  • 完成销售目标


  • Study and know well the products of the company: features and benefits.
  • 学习并熟知公司产品:性能特点与产品优势


  • Promote the available portfolios in his/her territory.
  • 推广现有产品。


  • Organize and accompany, the visits of the technical support from either the local organization or the Headquarters.
  • 组织安排技术或市场经理的客户拜访活动。


  • Carry out the allocated Business Plan: Suggest the needed resources to sell, promote and manage HIPRA products according to the values and the policies of the company.
  • 执行相关商业计划:根据公司核心价值和政策,合理利用公司资源,销售、推广并管理公司产品。


  • Identify new business opportunities: know and maintain contact with current and potential customers, prescribers and veterinarians.
  • 辨识新的商业机会: 了解现有客户、潜在客户及兽医,并与他们保持紧密接触。


  • Identify and relate to the key people with power of decision in your area
  • 辨别区域内具有决定权的关键人物。
  • Manage client credit.
  • 管理客户信用记录。


  • Collect market data, stock prices and competition.
  • 收集市场数据,产品价格和竞争对手的信息。


  • Keep customer files up to date.
  • 及时更新客户档案。


  • Properly deal with complaints from customers.
  • 妥善处理客户投诉。


  • Prepare and submit documentation required by the company in a timely manner.
  • 准备并按时提交公司报告。


  • Collaborate and implement improvement ideas with approval from their reporting.
  • 配合并执行已获批的改善性建议。


  • Veterinary Professional will be better.
  • Graduate from Nannong, Huanong, Zhongnong.
  • Could speak English that will be better.


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If you interested in this position please contact me by or +86 13717634645.

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