Growth in world meat prices
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Growth in world meat prices

Posted by | December 2, 2013 |

Global meat prices over the past 10 years has grown rapidly, with the 2002 and 2004 figures for comparison, since 2004, more than two-fold increase in poultry prices, beef prices rose nearly twice the price and pork increased by about 50%.

Rising demand for meat and poultry mainly due to the impact of growth in population and income, this is common phenomenon particularly in the developing countries. Global beef production remained unchanged from 2008 to 2013, while the global pork and poultry production continues to grow at a rate of 2% per year.

In the past two years, the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong beef imports tripled and has become the world’s largest beef importer. This is under the condition that the global beef prices reached a record high and beef production remained virtually unchanged. U.S. beef production in 2013 is expected to decline 1%, but beef exports are expected to rise 2.8%.

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