The Vietnam situation of the dairy cattle and milk industry
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The Vietnam situation of the dairy cattle and milk industry

Posted by | December 16, 2013 |

From 2001 to now, the Vietnamese raw milk only supplied 30% demands in domestic in spite of increase by 10% per year. In 2013, estimate the turnover imports of the milk and the production from milk will reach over USD1 billion, leading to the Vietnam on the top 20 country that imports milk highest in the global. Each of years, the Vietnam has imported over 1.2 million tonnes milks.

According to the Deputy of Director of The Department of Livestock Husbandry, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Duong, although the quantity of the dairy cattle increases to fourth fold from 2001 to now (increase by 125 thousand dairy cattle) but the Vietnamese consumption is only 15 liter milk per year.

According to the estimate in 2013, the total of the raw milk in country has produced 400,000 tonnes, it only supplied 30% demands in domestic and 70% milk remains must import. According to the General Customs Office, the Vietnam milk and milk product import had reached USD940.6 million from the first year 2013 to 15th November, 2013.

According to Mr. Nguyen Xuan Duong, by 2015, The Vietnam will produce 700 million liter milk and increase to 1 billion liter milk by 2020. Moreover, developing the dairy cattle family farm will increase to 10-15 dairy cattle per farm.

Otherwise, according to the Secretary General of the Association of Vietnamese milk, Mr. Trinh Quy Pho, according to the database estimated of dairy cattle breeding in 2012, the total of the cows in the country had reached 5,194,178 cows, in which the quantity of dairy cattle had reached 166,989 but only 98,372 dairy cattle produce milk. Specially, almost the Vietnam dairy cattle are breeding in family farm with120,000 dairy cattle.

In addition, Vinamilk Corporation has associated over 5,000 dairy cattle farm, equally 65,000 dairy cattle with 460 tonnes raw milk per day. They also have 90 tonnes raw milk per day from 5 their dairy cattle farms. In fact, they have bought over 60% raw milk of family farm in the country.

In the 11 months of 2013, the total of the raw milk in the country that they had bought over 150,000 tonnes raw milk on standard, equally VND1, 621 billion. Moreover, there are only 2 dairy cattle farms of Vinamilk that has achieved the ISO 9001:2008 standard in Tuyen Quang province and Nghe An province.

Besides, in 2012, FrieslandCampina Vietnam Corporation had bought 70,000 tonnes milk from over 3,100 dairy cattle farms in the country, equally 30,000 dairy cattle, and increase by 10,000 tonnes milk compared in 2011. They also have applied the program Good Dairy Farming Practices – GDFP of the FAO.

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