V-Connect Vietnam Edition
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V-Connect Vietnam Edition

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January 29, 2023

什么是 V-Connect?

V-Connect 平台是将我们非常成功的面对面 B2B 网络活动转换为适合当前业务格局的在线格式的数字结果。
“V”代表 VIV(我们的全球品牌名称),“Connect”反映了我们致力于促进业务网络的承诺,而不受地点或当前限制的影响。
V-Connect 平台为企业提供了一个可靠、响应迅速且高度可操作的平台,随着我们继续适应当前的全球气候并在此期间繁荣发展,通过该平台可以实现增长。

What is V-Connect?

The V-Connect platform is the digital result of the conversion of our highly successful in-person B2B networking events into an online format to suit the current business landscape.
‘V’ stands for VIV (our global brand name) and ‘Connect’ reflects our commitment to facilitating business networking regardless of location or current restrictions.
Our ever-evolving management platform provides a progressive web-based, smartphone-supported online ecosystem optimized for all attendees to meet, network and make deals.
The V-Connect platform offers businesses a reliable, responsive and highly actionable platform through which to grow as we continue to adapt to and prosper during the current global climate.