Aqua Sales Representative(ID:2042)
21 Sep 2020

Aqua Sales Representative(ID:2042)


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◆ Responsible for the development of aquatic feed major customers

◆ Responsible for company product promotion and promotion

◆ Investigate, analyze and report market changes, and regularly develop sales activities

◆ Strengthening external communication and exchanges between industries


◆ Bachelor degree or above, major in aquaculture / nutrition

◆ More than 3 years of sales management experience in major aquatic customers

◆ Can adapt to business trips and is committed to long-term development in the industry

◆ Good interpersonal skills and ability to learn

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If you interested in this position please contact me by or +86 18310319250

710 Tổng số lần danh sách tự chọn, 3 ngày nay.

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