Breeding Manager (ID: 2050)
20 Oct 2020

Breeding Manager (ID: 2050)


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▪ Provide targeted customers with technical information mainly on batch management and advice if needed. Solve pig reproductive problems and related technical issues.
▪ Build and maintain database of key large swine producers.
▪ Provide and co-ordinate herd management advice and extension to key producers.
▪ Conduct and implement trials for products.
▪ Write or translate technical articles to support strategical needs.
▪ Be familiar with and apply all company’s regulations and policies.


▪ Master degree or above in husbandry and pig reproduction science.
▪ Minimum of 3-year practical experience working in (or with) modern commercial Swine production.
▪ Familiar with pig management and pig batch management practice.
▪ Familiar with pig reproduction knowledge
▪ Good spoken English and consecutive interpretation abilities.
▪ Good interpersonal communication skills.

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If you interested in this position please contact me by or +86 18310319250

400 Tổng số lần danh sách tự chọn, 1 ngày nay.

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