FSE(Installation) (ID:2048)
7 Feb 2021

FSE(Installation) (ID:2048)


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Northern China


 Maintaining and overhauling installed machines.
 Installing new line plus the actual commissioning.
 Arrange customer training and will feed results back to the organization.
 Troubleshooting and improve the machine performance.
 Phone and Remote assistance to customers.


 A (Bachelor) degree in mechanical/electrical engineering or marine engineering or will have reached an equivalent level through experience on the job.
 5+ years Field Service and experience of machinery
 Open-minded for new idea.
 Analytically strong with a capacity to solve problems
 You will have practical mentality, you will be flexible and resistant to stress
 A strong focus for direct problem solving and direct improving performance of machinery
 Experience in the Food Processing Industry would be a plus

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For more information contact Coco on +86 13701292689 Application email coco@aartd.com

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