Production Manager (ID:2051)
20 Oct 2020

Production Manager (ID:2051)


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  • Utilize company’s global resources to develop and apply proper farm service tools that fit commercial team’s needs (like farm record software Smart Doncom, Batch Management, and etc.).
  • Provide technical information and support to related departments and external customers.
  • Support technical consultancy needs of key regional accounts and support local team to solve customer complaints and feedbacks.
  • According to national training system requirement, provide technical related classroom or site training.
  • Provide farm technical management training and related solutions practice.
  • Support and provide training for other related functions (Lab & production etc.) to improve team capability.
  • Share technical application best management practices from other countries or regions.
  • Based on commercial team’s needs, support key customer development and maintainence to provide total solutions.
  • Support regional technical service team to solve farm problem.


 Graduate of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Science, Animal nutrition, and other related major.
 Good communication with English
 Years of extensive experience in managing large pig farms (>2000sows), experience in managing breeding farms is plus. At least 3 years of management experience in similar role in an organization
 Geographically flexible
 Strong leadership and interpersonal skills
 High initiative and problem solving skills
 Good teamwork ability
 Proficient in Microsoft office.

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If you interested in this position please contact me by or +86 18310319250.

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