Sales Coordinator/Administrative Assistant (ID:2089)
17 Dec 2020

Sales Coordinator/Administrative Assistant (ID:2089)


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The primary function of this role is to support company attain targets. The right candidate has to be able to understand basic researching skills, simple analysis and evaluation, continuing with new proposals and changes and make wise recommendations for an efficient day to day operations. The second primary function is support the Sales organization including preparation of sales and inventory forecast; maintain good relationship with our customers (internal and external); and support the Sales organization to develop new ones. Interaction with clients over the phone or by email is high that the candidate must have an excellent communication skill. Ensures proper documentation and monitoring of all orders, deliveries/invoices, and collection. Sometimes, the candidate might be responsible for handling complex issues regarding shipment importation, deliveries to customers, or product complaints. Generates various reports to support the Sales & Marketing team in analysis, inventory and other related work. Must have an excellent organization and coordination skills; analytical thinking; can work under great pressure and can interact with people of diverse multicultural backgrounds. Compliant and adhere to all company management, Integrity guidelines and all policies and procedures related to position assignment.

Experience: 5+ years of Sales Coordination and Administrative Assistance in a B2B set-up in Indonesia. Exposure in the Indonesia Livestock and Aquaculture industry is of great advantage.

Scope of position: Reports to Country Manager, Indonesia. Works with other company colleagues to organize and execute the local customer and market activities like product launch, marketing campaign, in-house customer seminars, workshops, etc. Ensures local permits and regulatory requirements are updated and renewed in a timely manner. Networks and enhance relationships with customer service and logistic team of customers and ensure products are delivered in good condition and timely manner.

Typical Responsibilities and Goals: Support Country Manager and Sales organization in executing approved 1 – 3 year sales plan and help achieve current year primary product business plan goals. Continue to develop business relationships with all levels of customer staff to
develop competitive insights and leverage these to further develop business opportunities Sales Coordinator/Administrative Assistant
within those customers. Maintains and keep office files/records in order. Assure that the company brand and branded products are always presented in a professional, positive and sustainable manner by focusing on company Programs and Solutions.

Marketing Team Participation: Gather, analyze, and present marketing materials that work in the Indonesia setting. Support Sales organization in promotional activities to build brand of company.

Competitors/Market Information: Gather, analyze, and present relevant market information, pricing, and competitor activity for company product lines. Monitor changes in laws, industry trends, government standards or actions of industry associations that may affect the use of our products. Monitor and check import statistics.

Adhere to the following key company policies, including
• Credit Policies
• Quality Assurance and Safety Policies
• Travel and Expense Report Policy
• Computer Access Policy
• Sales Price Management Policy
• Other company policies as appropriate


Team player: Strong organization skills for candidate to be organized and whole office is kept organized. Anticipate needs and complete important tasks without needing to be asked. Takes initiatives to support the business instead of waiting around for approval or direction.
Communications and Influencing: Ability to persuade, convince, influence, sell, enjoys negotiating solutions/ Communicates effectively and efficiently and in a courteous and complete manner.

Adept in Technology: Good technological skills necessary to perform data entry, manage team calendars, and create company reports. Familiar with Microsoft Office platform and other computer software and operating systems in order to perform the job.
Drive for Results: Prefers fast paced environments and is consistently involved with multiple activities and priorities. Sets stretch goals, and works diligently to achieve them, continually tries to improve one’s skills and performance.
Initiative: Sees things that need to be done and undertakes them on own initiative. Volunteers and accepts challenging assignments, is viewed as a self-starter.

Technical/Professional Expertise: Handles sensitive customer or partner communications. Is detail – oriented to catch potential typos and grammatical error. Ensures work is accurate and trustworthy.

Problem Analysis & Critical Thinking: Effectively gathers, researches, analyzes and assimilates information; uses logic and critical thinking to address issues and problems. Generates and selects effective solutions.

Adaptability & change Management: Appropriately changes one’s approach in response to new information; continuously adapts to changes; deals with uncertainty; decides and is willing to act when called on, with available information when time is of the essence.

Customer Focus: Responsively addressed the needs of both internal and external customer/stakeholders; assures that customer service is top priority; Listens carefully to what customers, influencers, stakeholders are concerned or interested in; Seek to partner with
customers/stakeholders to find win-win solutions.

Interpersonal Skills and Relationship Building: Builds and maintains collaborative working relationships with a wide range of individuals; is approachable, actively listens to the issues and concerns of others; is able to establish effective and productive rapport with others. Willing compromise and find solutions to resolve conflict.

Planning and Organizing: Plans, manages and monitors work responsibility to assure effective accomplishments of individual and/or team objectives. Plans and manages time and resources effectively, effectively organizes daily and monthly work assignments to assure on time completion of objectives and commitments.

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