Sales Manager-Wholesalers(ID1617)
26 Nov 2018

Sales Manager-Wholesalers(ID1617)


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Southern China


Main Responsibilities

  • Responsible for developing a sales network of sustainable wholesalers in China (sales of premix, concentrates and young animal nutrition products).
  • 负责在中国发展可持续批发商的销售网络 (预混料、浓缩料和幼体营养产品的销售)。
  • Priority areas: Jiangsu, Anhui, Hunan, Hubei, Henan, Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou,Guangdong.
  • 优先领域: 江苏、安徽、湖南、湖北、河南、四川、云南、贵州、广东。
  • Analysis and follow-up on sales data and adapt market strategy accordingly.
  • 分析和跟踪销售数据, 并相应调整市场策略。
  • Quarterly update of budget.
  • 预算的季度更新。
  • Support the wholesalers in customer development, product training, field trials etc.
  • 支持批发商进行客户开发、产品培训、现场试验等工作。
  • Develop a marketing support plan for each WHS.
  • 为每个经销商制定营销支持计划。
  • Responsible for price negotiations and contract.
  • 负责价格谈判和合同事宜。
  • Will report to the Strategic Marketing Manager China.
  • 将向中国战略营销经理汇报。



  • 5+ years’ experience in wholesalers development and management in the Chinese pig industry.
  • 5 年以上中国养猪业批发商开发和管理经验。
  • Bachelor degree.
  • 本科以上学历。
  • Location: south of China.
  • 地点: 中国南部。
  • Knowledge of nutrition is a plus.
  • 有动物知识者优先考虑。
  • Own an existing network of wholesalers.
  • 拥有现有的批发商网络。
  • Proven record of sales performance.
  • 具有良好的业绩销售记录。
  • Strong commercial skills with a good nutritional background.
  • 较强的商业技能和良好的营养背景。
  • Willing to travel up to 60-80%
  • 出差频率在 60%-80%。

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