Asia Poultry Business Developer(ID1661)
2019年01月11日 2019

Asia Poultry Business Developer(ID1661)







DUTY: Act as a poultry industry specialist:

  • Explain and upsell products and associated services offered to our customers
  • Highlight and promote R&D advances with our customers
  • Provide expert advice to customer and subsidiaries teams
  • Develop new technical approaches
  • Provide technical support for the team and customers (compilation of technical notes, training, etc.)

DUTY: Apply commercial strategy and develop sales

  • Ensure commercial policy and business plans are applied for each market (sales objectives for each product/zone)
  • Implement prospecting policy
  • Organize sales plans (objectives, products, periods)

DUTY: Support network of local specialists and subsidiaries

  • Organize training programs
  • Advise on strategy, sales development, etc.

DUTY: Develop, optimize and monitor product ranges, as well as the composition and implementation of the action plan and activity monitoring plan

  • Carry out monitoring of competitor activity and regulatory affairs
  • Evaluate potential areas for development and identify market needs
  • Validate areas for strategic focus
  • Plan and schedule marketing initiatives, and put forward a budget for the plan
  • Study pricing position of our products
  • Monitor statistics for products sold and adapt action plan based on results
  • Participate in the composition of bills of specification and new product/service processes
  • Organize launches of new products/services
  • Assess activity performance (effectiveness of marketing actions, profitability, customer satisfaction, etc.).
  • Collaborate with R&D, formulation dept and affiliates to develop products and services


  • Relevant bachelors or master’s degree in Animal production or husbandry.
  • 7 years hands on working experience
  • Ability to work independently, self-motivated, and ready to take initiatives
  • Must be fluent in English
  • Business trips within the Asia zone and abroad are to be expected

Soft Skills

  • Good organizational skills
  • Curiosity / Open – mindedness
  • Creativity / Dynamism
  • Good explanation and presentation skills
  • Pragmatic approach
  • Strength of conviction / belief in own ideas
  • Good communicator and listener
  • Customer – oriented
  • Multicultural sensitivity
  • Adaptability

Technical Competencies

  • Excellent knowledge of poultry industry
  • Good knowledge of the agricultural, nutrition and health environment

Management Competencies

  • Open and transparent
  • Responsible and accountable
  • Empowerment and delegation
  • Strong communication and relationship building
  • Enthusiasm
  • Team spirit

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