Project Manager(ID:2037)
2020年09月09日 2020

Project Manager(ID:2037)






 Fully responsible for the implementation plan and overall control of the project, including design plan (process and architectural design), cost budget, subcontracting, project management and the establishment of project standardization.
 Coordinated and managed the whole process of project implementation, and communicated and connected with other departments such as business department and Operation Department; Sign the business contract of relevant contractor, ensure the whole process of
the above work closed management.
 Responsible for the review of the project investment budget, and coordinated the implementation of other platform personnel to ensure the effective completion of the project targets.
 Team building and manpower allocation of the project implementation team, as well as the formulation of department budget and team management.
 Participated in the company’s strategic decision-making and completed other tasks assigned by the superior.


 Bachelor degree or above in architecture, industrial and civil construction, or animal husbandry engineering.
 More than 10 years of project management experience, and more than 5 years of senior management experience; Experience in large-scale pig farm planning, construction and management is preferred.
 Good at and proficient in engineering management and cost control; Understand/quickly learn the full cycle management experience of large-scale pig farm (chicken farm).
 Able to skillfully operate the computer to complete their own work (including design software and project management software), able to skillfully use the information network office platform, English communication is preferred;
 Excellent planning, organization, coordination and communication skills, good sense of openness and learning ability.
 Honest and honest, optimistic and positive, able to go on business trips frequently to carry out work on site, able to work under pressure.
 Serious, rigorous, responsible, principled, good professional ethics and teamwork spirit.

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If you interested in this position please contact me by or +86 13717634645.

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