Quality Control Manager(ID1652)
2019年01月11日 2019

Quality Control Manager(ID1652)





  • Control according to the plan the HACCP at the plan and participate in maintaining the plan.
  • Identify as possible new critical control points and hazard sources and inform to quality assurance and plant management.
  • Set up, troubleshoot, and maintain equipment, including calibration logs and training records.
  • Prepare samples in accordance with standard operating procedures.
  • Conduct analytical tests on starting materials, ingredients in-process samples and finished products, following specific protocols.
  • Provide timely and high-quality data reports that document test results.
  • Recheck out-of-specification results, using alternative methods if necessary.
  • Test products for long-term stability or stability under various conditions.
  • Interface, maintain, and populate a Laboratory Information Management System.
  • Provide quality control-related input to managers and employees within the organization, measure outputs, materials and perform deviations control.
  • Maintain accurate quality records for future reference and providing support to the testing and inspection processes as needed.
  • Conduct risk assessment and corrective action solutions.
  • Support factory quality engineers and managers with customer and supplier issues.
  • Calibrate and maintain all gauges and test machines.


  • Strong analytical technique and instrumentation skills.
  • Ability to work independently and accurately to solve problems and improve processes.
  • General knowledge of chemistry.
  • Familiarity with guidelines such as good laboratory practices, good manufacturing processes, (collectively known as GMPs), as well as ISO (International Standards Organization) 9000, is helpful.
  • Good interpersonal skills, including tact and diplomacy.

Education Background

  • A bachelor’s degree in chemistry (or related) is required
  • Experience in related position

Reports To

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