Aquaponics for hobbyists, self-employed and gardeners

The production of vegetables in their own garden enjoys a unbroken tradition in Germany. The boundary between hobby and self-sufficiency runs smoothly and is statistically as good as not detectable. The experience of the last few years shows that hobby gardeners are also interested in aquaponics. Since aquaponics is possible for everyone without a large investment, hobby gardeners can benefit from the combined fish and plant culture.

The self-construction of facilities and the transfer of plans should therefore be fundamentally supported. It is also gratifying that aquaponics has so far hardly been “burdened” with patents and the operators of plants or researchers help each other without adversely affecting or even fighting. All knowledge about aquaponics should be freely available, in order to prevent any emerging initiatives in the way.

For the self-construction of simple and inexpensive aquaponics systems, there are already numerous plans on the Internet. They describe the construction of fish tanks, growbeds (planting boxes) and their installation with simple available means. An example of a small self-built backyard, incl

Commercial plants – intensive use of aquaponics in agriculture

Aquaponics has not only the advantage that almost CO2-neutral high-quality food can be produced in the greenhouse. It also solves some of the problems that still pose for us in relation to the globalized markets. Thus, a possible next oil crisis would not only make the logistics (from the manufacturer to the consumer) even more expensive (or even cripple) from our current supply of fish and vegetables by truck and air transport. It would also make production itself immensely, since even agriculture itself does not manage without fossil fuels. It follows that every further increase in the price of oil makes the food produced locally (and without the use of fossil fuels) more marketable. Thus, it seems to be only a matter of time when the profitability of conventional agriculture falls short of that of new concepts such as aquaponics. In contrast to electromobility in private transport (Aquarium Online Store), where there are at least a few concepts for electric cars, the approaches for alternative agricultural machines that do not require fossil fuels are missing

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