9th Harmony Sunshine Pig Conference (Wuhan)
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9th Harmony Sunshine Pig Conference (Wuhan)

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Wuhan pig conference Aug 2013.jpgThis seminar will promote new technologies for healthy pigs, highlighting new methods and how “the pig” can directly enhance the economic efficiency of enterprises.

It is a great opportunity to create seamless relationships and understanding between pig enterprises, investment institutions, service enterprises, research institutions and others – sharing resources, exchange platforms, and creating opportunities to network and enhance your competitive advantage.

Speakers include both international and local experts covering key topics such as:

  • Trends within the swine industry and control means
  • The European and American pig veterinary service system and service models
  • “Harmony Sunshine” pig service’s model innovation and development
  • Pig financing channels and options for enterprises
  • The scale of pig farms to improve production performance including critical point control techniques and methods
  • The hog market analysis and forecast

Our team will be attending the seminar and look forward to meeting you during the 2 day event!

Date:               18 – 20 Aug, 2013

Venue:            Country Garden Phoenix Hotel Wuhan

Organiser:     Beijing Harmony Sunshine Farming Technology Services Ltd., Bio Co., Ltd. Wuhan

and The Chinese health culture network

Website:         http://www.bjhxyg.cn/luntan/index.html