Legal & Administration Manager (ID: 2239)
22 Oct 2021

Legal & Administration Manager (ID: 2239)


Industry Sector




1. Be responsible for developing and implementing the work plans for government affairs and policy analysis, the engagement and cooperation with associations/chambers of commerce, owners, media and relevant external authorities to support the company overall corporate affairs and strategic relations strategy.
2. Establishing and maintaining strong and trusted institutional partnership with government for policy communications, issue/crisis management and to secure government support to company business and obtain intelligence and valuable insights.
3. Identifying and exploring opportunities to support the company’s development, operations, business and overall support by leveraging resources of government, associations/chambers of commerce, media and external influencers.
4. Developing and updating the government mapping with clear picture of role/responsibility of the governments and their relevance to company business.
5. Fully responsible for the formulation, updating and implementation of administrative procedures.
6. Coordinate and be responsible for the application for all kinds of certificates and licenses from relevant government departments and complete the approval and annual inspection procedures.
7. Keep certificates properly and ensure certificates are used in accordance with the procedures.
8. Archives management: collecting archives from relevant departments regularly, and registering, classifying and (digital) keeping all kinds of documents properly.
9. Make and submit reports to external relevant authorities.
10. Conducting in-depth research/analysis on the regulation/policy/law and timely report to company management team.
11. Responsible for the communications with the associations and relevant external authorities and engaging in their meeting/events that would promote company’s image.
12. Monitor legal requirements which are related to our company, and proactively interpretate the legal requirement from company operational perspective, give advice for implementation.
13. Keep following legislation in the dedicated areas and enable legal compliance.
14. Overall responsible for daily legal affairs, including but not limited in consultancy, contracts, advise, tackle legal dispute and issues.
15. Review, draft and maintain legal documents, contracts templates and other necessary materials, including supply, distribution, quality, vendor, consulting, service, lease and facility, employment, non-disclosure and other agreements.
16. Fully responsible for intellectual property related work, included but not limited to: Plant Breeders’ Rights and Trademark.
17. Other tasks assigned temporary by the superior.


1. Education: Bachelor’s degree and above, majored in business / legal or related fields.

2. Working Experience: Minimum 5 to 8 years working experience in Legal and Admin function.

3. Fluent in English.

4.Good service awareness and communication skills.

5. High MS Office document management and preparation skills (Excel, Word, PowerPoint).

6. Good interpersonal communication and presence.

7. Excellent confidentiality reasoning.

8.Highly organized / Logical thinking

9. Quick response and high efficiency.

10. Attention to details.

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