Marketing Director China (ID: #2349)
19 Sep 2022

Marketing Director China (ID: #2349)


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 The Director will be responsible for organizing participation in the activities outlined in the marketing plan for all regions of China (hereafter referred to as the region), keeping expenditure accounts relating to these activities within the budget approved, and providing marketing intelligence to the regional VPs and other information related. The Director will also supervise marketing personnel in its Shanghai Representative Office, in other China offices as directed by the regional VPs and supervise and direct marketing consultants.
 Shall include, but not limited to such activities:
 Regularly call on importers, distributors, retailers, foodservice operators, and processors in the region to explain availability and attributes of grain fed meats, pork, pork processed meats, and variety meat
 Assist the regional VPs and the Senior Manager, Beijing office in cooperating with pertinent government agencies on questions of market & commercial access.
 Assume principal responsibility for communicating marketing strategy and programs to the local trade and China-based US packers, and the regional VPs on matters relating to promotions, products, and technical trade issues. The Director shall design
programs that to the extent possible, include packer participation.
 Collect, translate, analyze, and disseminate essential marketing information, trade data, and other market intelligence for the region directly to Denver and to the regional VPs.
 Coordinate the organization and maintenance of ’s internal commercial contact database.
 Formulate, organize, and direct the implementation of activities utilizing MAP and private industry funds. The Director shall formulate annual marketing plans for discussion and review with the regional VPs.
 Provide recommendations to the regional VPs and other senior staff concerning the travel & participation of members to China in ’s marketing programs, as circumstances warrant.
 Survey local market prices of U.S. and competitor meat products and provide market intelligence to the regional VPs and the Manager, Beijing office

Monitor the flows of imported red meats at ports in the region and inform the regional VPs and Beijing Manager of issues and impediments to free trade flows.
 Maintain professional working relationships with regional and local Chinese government organizations.
 Attend marketing-related conferences & other essential networking activities & events as deemed necessary to advance the image & positioning in China.
 Serve as the principal liaison within China with key end-user stakeholders, and their senior management, including retailers, restaurant operators, meat processors, and other existing and potential end-users.
 Serve as the principal responsible staff appointing and managing all outside agencies and vendors providing services to MEF, while adhering to the rules and regulations as outlined in the employee handbook and operational guidelines
 Coordinate input from staff and consultants for compiling the monthly Sense of Market report.
 Develop and maintain contacts with local institutions, consumer organizations, press media and critics, and organize and implement promotional & PR activities in targeted markets throughout China. All external media related requests and activities should be coordinated with the regional VPs.
 Perform other duties as outlined by the regional VPs.
 Upon request, assist the regional VPs in overseeing and coordinating all activities conducted in whole or in part by outside agencies and consultants.
 Under the direction, and/or in coordination with the regional VPs, provide supervision, and guidance to consultants and merchandisers for executing HRI and retail activities
 The Director’s chief responsibility will be formulation, implementation, and oversight of market development activities in the region. The Director will manage all marketing staff in China and be responsible for administrative oversight of the Shanghai representative office. The Director shall maintain close coordination with the senior manager, Beijing representative office, and be the principal point of contact with ’s regional VPs, Denver headquarters, and with principals in other global offices.
 The Director will develop and maintain contacts with the Chinese meat trade, relevant Chinese government officials, U.S. embassy Beijing and U.S. consulate Shanghai personnel, exporters and other members who visit or have a presence in the region. He/she will also be responsible for maintaining contact with outside agencies utilized by in the region – including advertising and public relations firms – and with the relevant press and media personnel, as directed by the regional VPs.


 Bilingual English and Mandarin speaking ability with good English writing skills.
 Experience or knowledge in the food and/or restaurant sector, such as food importing, food retailing and distribution, food preparation, hotel, and restaurant experience, etc. Experience in the meat industry preferred.
 Media experience or exposure.
 Demonstrated analytical and statistical skills.
 Computer skills, including word processing and use of statistical packages
 Public speaking skills or experience.
 Management experience
 Have working experience and knowledge of the USDA market co-operator program and its regulations and guidelines

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