Poultry Technical Manager China (ID:2312)
2 Apr 2022

Poultry Technical Manager China (ID:2312)


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Responsible for technical service support of national poultry market. It mainly includes providing technical services for the national major feed enterprises and large breeding enterprises; Help customers solve on-site technical problems; Influence the business through technical services to increase market share.
 Cooperate with business department to develop poultry customers, provide follow-up technical services for customers, and help customers solve on-site technical problems.
 Responsible for poultry product usage data collection and analysis, and provide recommended formulations (premix and compound feed) to poultry customers.
 Host and hold various technical lectures and technical promotion meetings in designated areas according to the needs of customers and sales team.
 Cooperate with sales to increase market share and sales by means of technical services and marketing promotion.
 Participate in the preparation and translation of company product introduction, technical manual and other materials.
 Participate in the poultry technical training of the company’s business personnel and dealers, and arrange trial or experiment of the company’s products.
 Participate in the company’s poultry product development, upgrade, and put forward reasonable suggestions.
 Participate in other work arranged by the company and department.


 PhD in poultry/monogastric animal nutrition or animal husbandry with at least 5 years relevant working experience.
 Knowledge/skills: good product knowledge and technical background. Excellent English listening, speaking and writing skills is preferred.
 Good communication and conflict management skills, presentation skills and strong technical problem solving skills on site.
 Strong pressure resistance, and can adapt to business trip.
 Solid nutrition background in feed enterprise or super large scale, standardized meat breeding and poultry farm field feeding management experience is preferred.
Full-time doctoral degree preferred.

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