Product Manager (ID: 2251)
14 Dec 2021

Product Manager (ID: 2251)


Industry Sector




 Support Internal Sales team in growing and maintaining business
 Be responsible for organizing and serving customers, and provide them with better technical support, and reflect the added value of the company to customers, so that customers can become more stable loyal customers of the company, and finally make efforts for the long-term development of the company
 Provides technical assistance to our co-operators including education and training
 Technical service requires a good language expression and communication and technical skills, team spirit, hard-working, cautious and conscientious
 The technical service personnel shall assist the operation support department manager in formulating the department work plan and completing the work
 Organizes technical seminars with the team as needed. Prepares technical and sales materials according to the marketing needs
 Strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the company, and earnestly perform their job duties.
 Be innovative in line with global requirements.


 More than 3 years in feed additives related technical service industry;
 Preferably candidates will have a Master degree or above in animal sciences, veterinary medicine, nutrition or related field.
 Highly organized, logical and commercial thinking
 Can adapt to long-term business trip with Sales Team, hard-working, cautious and conscientious
 Highly organized, logical and commercial thinking
 Good service awareness and communication skills
 High MS Office document management and preparation skills (Excel, Word, and PowerPoint)
 Fluent in English

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For more information, you may contact Han by or +86 13601033578.

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