Technical Manager (ID:2091)
1 Feb 2021

Technical Manager (ID:2091)


Industry Sector




  • Technical service to customers & key accounts
  • Continued development of strong customer relationships
  • Provide solutions to customer requests
  • Market intelligence including market, product and competitor analysis
  • Act as expert and support animal business species business to achieve regional goals
  • Organization of commercial & field trials
  • Provide technical information to pig farm
  • Define and describe customer needs and inform Ccs
  • Networking within the industry


  • Master’s degree or above in animal medicine or related field
  • Understand China’s farming industry and have more than 5 years of working experience in swine production
  • Proficient in using Office software and PPT for technical and product introduction
  • Good communication and conflict management skills, ability to deal with on-site technical problems.
  • Understand the features of competitors’ products, be familiar with the company’s main products and be able to master them to drive sales with technology
  • Able to travel on business

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For more information contact me on +86 18310319250, application email

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