China: How will fruit & veg prices develop after torrential rains?
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China: How will fruit & veg prices develop after torrential rains?

Posted by | July 13, 2017 |

In the past month, the whole of China has experienced disastrous rain. Many fruits and vegetables have been destroyed by water, and the produce that is left is of terrible quality. The rain has been falling continuously for a long time now and is expected to continue until August. Up until now, there have not been many hurricanes. The upcoming weather will depend on many uncertain factors.

Drowned cucumbers

Based on the damage in the south, there is no need for worries about the price in the short term for both leafy vegetables and fruit vegetables. Because of the lesser damage in the north, the few products that are mainly produced in this area, such as carrots, potatoes and onions, will not be affected much either. There is a difference in price with other breeds, and this will not change. Overall, products with a good current price will have the opportunity to maintain this price in the short term. Products with a bad price will also stay that way.

Vegetable greenhouses destroyed by heavy rain

When it comes to fruit, between April and June, the low temperatures and heavy rain have severely damaged fruits, such as cherries and waxberries. Especially because of the continuous rain at the end of April, large quantities of cherries have cracked, leaving them tasteless. Over 80% of the produce is damaged. Also, because of the rain at the end of June, waxberries have fallen off and rotted, leaving no harvest.

Banana plantations after heavy rain

Fruits such as plums and peaches are now in their most important growth phase. Looking at the weather, if there is no improvement in management, many plums and peaches will be infected by bacteria. What deserves attention is that Chinese plums will be ready for harvest by the end of June. Any rain could cause the fruit to fall, crack and rot.

Source: Fresh Place. Date 2017-07-13