Chinese companies join up for poultry project in Kazakhstan
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Chinese companies join up for poultry project in Kazakhstan

Posted by | November 20, 2014 |

A group of Chinese companies are planning to construct a poultry farm with an annual capacity of up to 100 million eggs, in the Ulan district of east Kazakhstan, according to local media.

It is expected that the part of the production may be used to supply the export market. “This project is experimental and will lay the foundation for large prospective projects in Kazakhstan in the future,” said Kahn Hapin, president of Xinjiang commercial and industrial corporation “San Bao”, one of the main investors.

According to the agreement the Kazakh side will provide land for the construction of the plant and will build all the necessary infrastructures,including water and electricity supplying facilities and roads. Plus investors will receive tax preferences on four different taxes. According to official information from the Ministry of Agriculture of the country, Kazakhstan produces about four billion eggs annually. The country is fully self-sufficient in egg production, which in the opinion of the Ministry, offers great potential to explore export opportunities.

It is expected that by 2018, Kazakhstan may launch export supplies in the amount of 300-400 million pieces per year. The most promising sales markets are Russia due to the common customs space and China. The project is due for completion by the end of 2015.

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