Developing livestock industry in Ha Noi
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Developing livestock industry in Ha Noi

Posted by | February 18, 2014 |

Hanoi is one of the top livestock growth provinces of Vietnam with a total of 1.53 million pigs, 19 million poultry and 200,000 cattle, which of, over 13,000 dairy cattle. The meat production was 390,000 tonnes per year, that met 60-65% of consumption demand in Ha Noi.
Hanoi has 17 chain links with 3,025 participants, the chain links has 30 outlets and 1,039 agents, that supplied 306,000 eggs, 9.65 tonnes of pork, 9.15 tons of poultry and 150 kg of beef per day.
There are 12 key dairy farming communes with 10,695 cows, accounted for 81% of the dairy herds entire the city. Milk production was 80,427 tonnes/day, accounting for 82% of total milk production of Ha Noi, the average price of milk reached VND 12,300 per kg.
Ha Noi had 3,147 poultry farms with 6,042,723 birds. The average herd size is 1,000 chicken lays; 1,000 broilers, 500 duck lays.
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