Pork supply source will be stable in Tet holiday
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Pork supply source will be stable in Tet holiday

Posted by | December 3, 2014 |

This is the time farmers prepare breeding pig for Tet holiday 2015. Dong Nai province has biggest pig herd in Vietnam with 1.4 million pig, up 100,000 head compared with 2013. The current price of live pig is VND47,000 per kg, this price is not as high as price in October 2014 but the farmers could still get profit.

On Tet holiday, the price of pork will not increase strongly compared with current price because pork sources has been reserving abundant in the farms, and large companies.

At CP, they are linking with farmers to provide 300,000 tonnes of pork each year, the size of pig farm is 1,000-10,000 pigs. CP Vietnam also linked with farmers to produce PS sows with the size of 600-2,400 sows.

VISSAN prepares 3,300 tonnes of meat and 2,500 tonnes of food processed for Tet, up 10% compared with Tet 2014, the reserves meat is enough for quarter I/2015.

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