Vietnam looks to upgrade farms to industrial scale
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Vietnam looks to upgrade farms to industrial scale

Posted by | December 11, 2014 |

Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development wants to promote livestock breeding on larger farms and gradually shift farming in high-population density areas such as deltas to low-population density areas in the rural and mountainous areas.

The restructuring plan, aimed at increasing the value and sustainability of livestock farming, will also set up disease-free livestock breeding areas away from cities and residential areas.

The Ministry wants to increase the number of chickens raised on farms from 30% to 60%, duck from 20% to 60% and pig from 30% to 52%. The plan targets a higher rate of poultry, cow and buff alo meat aspart of the livestock sector, relative to the amount of pork.

The plan expects exports of 70,000-100,000 tonnes of duck meat and 1-2 billion salted duck eggs a year by 2020 while exports of pork is expected at about 1 million tonnes. The number of ducks raised would rise from 84 million in 2013 to 100 million by 2020.

The ministry will also offer training courses on breeding disease-free livestock to farmers and farm owners.

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