Our Mission

Our Mission is to help Asia feed itself ! Food security is one of the biggest challenges facing China and Asia. Growing GDP, population and protein demand requires talented people to deliver solutions.

With that focus, we’re single-mindedly dedicated in helping Asian Agribusiness recruit and retain the best talent and helping talented people find opportunities in agriculture in Asia, that are worthy of their potential.

With more than 25 years experience with Agribusiness in Asia, we have grown a unique reputation with our clients and our candidates in meeting a wide array of challenges across all sectors of agriculture. All our consultants understand the business, because they have degrees in agriculture and work in an agriculture environment and that saves a lot of time and energy, having to explain what are sometimes complex roles.


  • Let’s meet at VIV and celebrating our 10 years!


  • 记AARTD团建:吃喝玩儿乐在美丽的济州岛!

    转眼已是年底,为了感谢大家一年的辛勤工作以及庆祝收获的成果,AARTD team 的姑娘们换上靓丽的休闲妆容,共赴美丽的济州岛,展开了各种吃喝玩儿乐,各种放松自我的快乐旅程。 由于精彩的照片太多...

  • AARTD,EuroTier2016之旅 圆满结束


  • AARTD 在 汉诺威国际畜牧展(EuroTier) 的第一天